International Installations

inst_agsyzAgro – Soyuz Project

Located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, this sprawling grain storage facility has a capacity of 38,000 tons. It was built to be a replacement for some of the countries outdated existing storage facilities.



inst_algrnlAlgranel Project

In Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, this large port facility will store up to 100,000 tons of grain. This installation features nineteen MFS Commercial Storage Silos and high speed York Grain Handling Equipment. The system is designed for use by ship, railroad, and truck.



inst_drtrrsDr. Torres Project

Located north of Mexico City, this is a rice drying and storage facility for a farm application. The MFS holding hopper silo feeds rice to the dryer. After completing the drying process, the rice is then moved to the larger MFS storage silo.



inst_ecoprdEcoprod Project

Located near Donetsk, Ukraine, this complete grain receiving, grain drying and grain storage facility has a capacity of 22,000 tons. The facility is designed for flexibility in that it can accommodate a variety of grains for drying, handling, and storage.